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  • Set up your own supply-demand model structure graphically.
  • Control of your choice nest hierarchy: which choices to model, what order to put them in. Invent your own choices or use one of ours, all done graphically. All calculations displayed openly - the ultimate non-black-box.
  • Use trips, tours, activities or hybrids.
  • Full model estimation: multinomial, mixed or cross-nested logit, latent class, dogit.
  • New crisp interface with graphical editors and wizards.
  • Integrated with GIS and internet-based mapping products.

Building on our modelling experience we have completely re-engineered the demand side of transport models so that they can be specified as a hierarchy of nested choice models (which is required by WebTAG). We have produced a completely new, efficient way of constructing this hierarchy. These are accompanied by their own unique user interface. The result is a neat way of building, calibrating, understanding whatís going on and adjusting the demand side of transport models.

The supply models can be either your own or ours and are integrated with the hierarchical demand model so supply can be iterated with demand to convergence. The whole model interface allows you to hop around any of the calculations from any zone, person, tour or trip and have them displayed for you to check and see exactly whatís going on - itís the ultimate in model transparency.

See it for yourself - you will be amazed at how we have simplified such a complex process.


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